About Exeter 3D Printing

We offer 3D Printing and custom 3D Design services based in Exeter, UK and have started offering a small range of 3D printed accessories for the Evolve electric skateboard lineup amongst other 3D printed items.

We can also print toys, ornaments, gadgets, camera mounts and holders, 3D printer parts, Quadcopter parts, RC car and Truck parts, and much more! Using premium materials which can be strong, flexible, highly detailed and withstand high temperatures if needed.

If you have a model file for something you want printed, send us a message on facebook or email us at admin@exeter3dprinting.co.uk to get in touch. I am happy to work with you on model design if needed however this may incur additional charges.

Find us on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/exeter3dprinting

Find us on Facebook here: https://facebook.com/exeter3dprinting