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Version 2 of our custom Fenders designed to fit the Evolve Bamboo and Carbon GT, Bamboo GTX and the new GTR boards whilst using the 7 inch AT wheel option. Now printed using TPU, with new improved mounting clamps for the front fenders and integrated rear motor guards. Also fits with the new Evolve bash guard!

Designed to reduce spray from coming up off of the tires and onto the rider or board. The rear guards also include a channel to prevent the collected water from going directly onto the belt, and eject it out of the front of the guard instead (see last picture on listing). The new TPU version also includes an enlarged area on the rear of the fender to act as a motor guard when the board is stood upright. They are now 3D printed using 98A TPU which will make them pretty much indestructible, however takes longer to print and so they are slightly more expensive than the previous PLA+ version. 98A TPU is like a hard rubber, and so keeps it’s shape but will flex under impact instead of cracking.

⦁ 1 x Rear Left Fender
⦁ 1 x Rear Right Fender
⦁ 1 x Front Right Fender
⦁ 1 x Front Left Fender
⦁ 1 x Front Right Fender Clamp
⦁ 1 x Front Left Fender Clamp
⦁ 4 x M4 x 25mm Countersunk Bolt
⦁ 4 x M4 x 30mm Cap Head Bolt
⦁ 4 x M4 – Nut (Pre-installed into front fenders)

*Does not include any additional hardware which may be seen in the pictures and is not listed above!

To fit the rear fenders you will need to remove the rear wheel and belt guard leaving the drive gear and belt in place. Now install the fender onto the 2 threaded bolt holes where the belt guard was attached using 2 of the 4 M4x25mm Countersunk bolts. You will need to bolt them in so the heads are flush with the flat part of the fender, it may be advisable to use loctite or some other type of threadlocker here to reduce the chance of the bolts coming loose during riding due to vibration. Now re install the rear wheel.

The front fenders clamp around the front trucks so there is no need to remove the front wheels. Ensure that you install the fender marked “R” on the right with the clamp also marked “R” and vice versa for the left side. There are 2 M4 nuts pre-installed in the front fenders and the clamps are held together by 2 of the M4 x 30mm Cap head bolts. You will need around 1 inch spacing from the end of the truck for proper placement over the wheel. Due to the design of the clamp, and use of rubber pads there is some room for adjustment here. Tighten the bolts until there is little to no movement in the fender mount, do not overtighten as this is likely to damage the nut traps in the fenders and possibly make them very difficult to remove or install in future.

Please Note:
If you notice some rubbing of the tire on the fenders, either front or rear, this is likely to be the small nipples from when the tire was formed in its mold. These can easily be trimmed off and should resolve this. If the rubbing is excessive you may need to reseat the tire if it is not spinning ‘true’, reposition the front fenders, or add a speedring / M8 washer behind the bearing on the inside of the rear wheels.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days for dispatch. It takes around 50hrs to print a set of these.

These fenders will not make your board waterproof! If that is your goal, you will need to take additional steps such as sealing the battery compartment, charging socket and power switch. You will also need to think about the motors as ingress of rain water is likely to damage them. Bearings also do not enjoy having dirty water in them so are likely to need cleaning and re-greasing if you ride in the wet. We have done our best with the design to ensure no water from the ground should end up in the motors but it is best to play it safe!

E3DP is not affiliated with Evolve in any way, and they do not endorse this product.
E3DP accepts no responsibility for water damage to your board!

Thanks to Nabeel Arshad for the photos of our fenders mounted on his Carbon GTR!

Additional information

Weight560 g
Dimensions250 × 150 × 110 mm

3 reviews for E3DP TPU Fenders for Evolve GT/GTX/GTR

  1. Peter

    Outstanding quality, fast delivery and easy installation. You don’t even notice it’s a 3D print until you look very closely!
    Pricing is okay considering the filament cost and work required to make these.

    • Gav

      Thanks Peter! I am trying to get the price down, but as you say with cost of materials, time (around 50hrs) to make them and then postage which is usually around £15, the price is justified really. Not to mention prototyping and all of the failures along the way too!

      Glad you are happy with them!

  2. Nathan

    Just received my mud guards and wow these things are premium. The design is well thought out and the materials are excellent. These are perfect for making your winter riding a lot less messy. Here in Toronto, Canada I won’t ride in the winter without them. Thank you Gav for designing and selling these.

    • Gav

      Thank-you for such a kind review Nathan!

      I am glad you can see the work that has gone into making these and choosing just the right material for the job.

      I hope they serve you well!

  3. Mark

    Bought two R2 remote skins and a set of mudguards. Build quality, design, value for money, advice and sales communication, all second to none. Great remote impact protection (skins also help protect against dust and water ingress) and thanks to the mudguards no more turning up at my mates house covered in mud. A must have for my four season Scottish eBoarding. Thanks Gav – brilliant products!!

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