E3DP Trampa VESC Wand Skin


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The E3DP Trampa VESC wand skin custom designed and produced by E3DP.

Designed after a request from a friend for a similar case to the R2 Skin, the Trampa VESC wand skin is made to protect the remote from drops and scrapes during bails and general use. It has a specially designed grip to aid throttle control and ensure you are less likely to drop the remote during riding.

To fit to remote I find it easier to remove the lanyard first. Insert remote into the large slot in the front of the case and push inwards towards the bottom. The top of the case should pop over the end of the remote with some slight persuasion. Removal the first few times will be tricky, the easiest way it to reverse the steps you took to put it on. The case will stretch after a few fits so this will become easier.

E3DP is not affiliated with Trampa in any way and this product is in no way associated or endorsed by them

*Trampa VESC wand not included!

Additional information

Weight35 g
Dimensions147 × 34 × 25 mm

Black, Yellow, Transparent Green, Transparent Blue, Transparent Red, Transparent Purple, Transparent Orange


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