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The ORIGINAL R2 remote skin designed and produced by E3DP since 2017! Fits the ‘Wireless’ GT/GTX remotes and also the ‘Bluetooth’ remote used on the GTR and Stoke.

Designed to protect your shiny new R2 remote  in case you drop it or fall off the board. The remote is likely to break if unprotected so it is well worth buying something to ensure that it does not get damaged if you fall off the board. TPU is flexible and has great impact resistance. Also has built in grips to avoid the remote slipping around in your hand!

A customer who bought one of these skins posted this on facebook after having a nasty fall. Remote was unharmed and he was able to ride home too!

E3DP is not affiliated with Evolve in any way and this product is in no way associated or endorsed by them.

Pictures kindly provided by: Jim Dowell, Deborah Touboul, Jeremy,Jordhi Van Den Eynde, Gus Ritchie and Salvatore Merola! If you have any pictures you are happy for me to use for advertising purposes, please get in touch either on facebook or by emailing admin@exeter3dprinting.co.uk

*R2 remote and other accessories shown are not included!

Additional information

Weight35 g
Dimensions200 × 160 × 30 mm

Black, Yellow, Transparent Green, Transparent Blue, Transparent Red, Transparent Purple, Transparent Orange

7 reviews for E3DP R2 Remote Skin

  1. Marcus

    One of the best self made accessories for our evolve boards. Its feeling very grippy on my R2 remote and saves it from scratches and falls. Thanks Gav! Best greetings from Berlin.

    • Gav

      Thanks for the awesome feedback Marcus! Glad you like the skin 🙂

  2. Ashley

    If you have an Evolve, get this controller skin! The colors are perfect, amount of flex is great, fits the controller like a glove and will definitely help protect the controllers or just make them individually unique. I previously just had colored tape on mine to tell my boyfriend’s and mine apart, so now we get to customize with color! I have also taken some falls while riding in the woods with the AT wheels and this will protect my controller from getting smashed more 🙂 Bought the transparent green and transparent blue and both are super cool! You won’t be disappointed! Also, shipping was faster than expected from UK to USA

    • Gav

      Thank-you so much for the great feedback Ashley! Glad you like them 🙂

  3. David R. Herring

    Got my skin for my R2 remote.WOW! You guys rock. Fast shipping across the pond too. Beautifully made , well designed,and fits perfectly. Congrats on such a fine product

    • Gav

      Thanks for the very kind feedback David and so happy you like them!

  4. Ammar Saeed

    These are amazing. The quality of the R2 remotes is not amazing so when you drop it it can really damage the remote. This is the perfect case to combat that. It feels really nice too, and does not impact the functionality of the remote too. Would recommend

    • Gav

      Thank-you for the very kind review and recommendation Ammar!

  5. Brandon J Barratt

    I highly recommend these R2 remote skins. Not only do they look good but feel great in your hand. Made with quality materials that make your R2 remote almost indestructible.
    I had a massive crash and landed on my R2 remote and my E3DP skin did what it was designed to do 👍👍 Two thumbs up from me.. Get yours today and save the embarrassment.. Thanks Gav

    • Gav

      Thanks Brandon! Happy to help and even happier to hear they have already proven their worth to you!

  6. Robert morris

    This is a no brainer. The R2 remote is like an eggshell and this is a must have. Holds the remote together perfectly. If you use the evolve remote, you need this

    • Gav

      Thanks Robert!

  7. Hiro

    Wow the quality is better than I expected. Smooth edges and has comfort to the hand.
    Thanks for providing this. Happy with every 5 piece I ordered. I recommend this if you are looking through competitors.

    • Gav

      Thank you so much for the great review 🙂 I hope they save you some money in the long run and also save you from some long walks home too!

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